New Era of Business Management Efficiency

We are thrilled to introduce you to a groundbreaking opportunity in business management solutions that combines unmatched efficiency with incredible affordability. Our platform is meticulously designed to streamline your operations and enhance productivity. For a limited time, we are offering our comprehensive services for just $299 per month—an offer that’s too good to last!

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our platform is the choice of over 1000 customers across North America. With us, you gain essential tools to operate your business and a fully optimized website complete with on-page SEO, ensuring your online presence is strong and successful. Book your free consultation to get started!

Unbeatable Value

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s crucial to get the best value for your investment. Our pricing strategy is designed to provide exceptional value without compromising on quality or functionality. Below is a comparison of what our platform offers against the market rates of other providers. You will see that our All-in-One solution stands out and ensures seamless integration and convenience across all functionalities. We are so confident in the value we provide, we have provided a link to all of our competitor’s pricing below. Furthermore, we provide all of these services under one platform, so you never need to remember multiple passwords, worry about integrating various platforms to work seamlessly together, or worry about future expansion as our platform will cover all your needs from day one. Sign Up Now!

  • Website Builder with Custom Website made – $159/month – Wix
    • Website created by Bullseye. 
    • Integrated calendar, web chat widget, forms
  • Unlimited Sales Funnels – $497/month – ClickFunnels
    • Premade funnels for Real Estate and Mortage Brokers 
    • Drive revenue with the assistance of paid advertisements
  • CRM & Pipeline Management – $890/month – Hubspot
    • Fully integrated CRM with Website and external apps
    • Mobile App to manage entire CRM
  • Missed Call Text Back System – $20/month – Zap
  • Email Marketing – $90/month – SendGrid
    • Prebuilt Email Templates 
    • Customizable email builder
  • SMS Marketing – $50/month – JustCall
  • Bookings and Appointments – $61/month – Acuity 
  • Social Media Planner – $80/month – Loomly
  • Workflow Automations System – $70/month – Zapier
  • Call Tracking – $45/month – CallRail
  • Reputation Management with Review Gate System – $399/Monthly – Podium
  • Tracking, Analytics & Reporting – $20/month – AgencyAnalytics
  • Document Signing, Invoicing, and Proposals – $45/month per user – DocuSign
  • Payment Gateway integrations for fingertip invoices and payment processing

Our Value Proposition 

Our comprehensive package grants you access to all the services listed above, and at a significant discount compared to other providers.

Website Builder with Custom Website$159/month
Unlimited Sales Funnels$497/month
CRM & Pipeline Management$890/month
Missed Call Text Back System$20/month
Email Marketing$90/month
SMS Marketing$50/month
Calendar Bookings and Appointments$61/month
Social Media Planner$80/month
Workflow Automations System$70/month
Call Tracking$45/month
Reputation Management with Review Gate System$399/month
Tracking, Analytics & Reporting$20/month
Document Signing, Invoicing, and Proposals$45/month per user
Overall Price$2,125 per month$299/Month
*Competitor Pricing may change as of this post dated – 2024-04-28

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